Jul 4, 2008

SOLVE Chicago

One of my biggest flaws is not keeping up with local news (that is, news that doesn't involve electronic music). After reading both on Trash Menagerie and Hot Biscuits however, I was saddend to hear about the loss of a Chicago icon. The artist known as SOLVE will be greatly missed not only as an incredible talent in the closely knit and secretive street art scene, but also as a blossoming and inspiring individual whose life was so cowardishly taken. You will be missed by many.


Apologies for being late on this news, but if you were in that community, I hope you were able to attend the RIP SOLVE show at Swim Cafe on Thursday. Visit the Flickr group for more info on all of SOLVE's art and the people he inspired.

Well why dont we keep the local flavor going with a new mixtape by the coolest kids from chicago, The Cool Kids. Entitled That's Stupid, the Cool Kids have a few words for you regarding this piece of ish...

"1.play this in your car first!

2. Dont skip.. its only 25 minutes.. (shit is Epic)"
Well there you have it, straight from the guvna's mouth. Good luck finding a link that works, as everyone is using everyone else's zshare link for posting (that doesn't work)... this one works however (as of this posting). soquitcherbitchen.

The Cool Kids - That's Stupid The Mixtape
01 The Cool Kids - Oscar The Grouch
02 The Cool Kids - That'll Work
03 The Cool Kids - Dinner Time
04 The Cool Kids - Full & Paid
05 The Cool Kids - Box Of Rocks
06 The Cool Kids - Don't Trip (Bake Sale UK)
07 Tennille - Ass Made Of Diamonds


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