Jun 4, 2008

MGMT + Showbiz Pizza

MGMT has seen a lot of radio play on our local Q101 radio program 'Crash Test Radio' since the winter. And now the Brooklyn based jungle/indie/rockers have a new video for their single 'Electric Feel'. An excellent representation of the dirty and primal feel of the song.

And yes, that is a cameo of the crew from Showbiz Pizza (scariest mo-fo's of all time... imagine seeing that ish on stage at your 5th birthday, not everything in the 80's was great)


And if you follow the audioblogs you will have noticed a Justice remix of said song that's been greeted with mixed reviews. Some love it for just being something new out of the French electro duo, others think it doesn't do the original track justice (no pun intended). I'll hold judgment on the remix, but absolutely love the original. Give them a listen and see for yourself.


Mp3: MGMT - Electric Feel

Mp3: MGMT - Electric Feel (Justice Remix)

Buy MGMT's album here [amazon]


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