Jul 18, 2008

80's Cover Band Madness

Buffetlibre sent over quit the intriguing link the other day. If you've been sexually active on the blogosphere, then you probably are already aware that these kids are initiating an epic project of the decade. Well maybe not this decade, but one of the last couple decades. Perusing the flyer above, you'll see some pretty heavy names by the likes of GRUM, Culture Prophet, Anoraak, Toxic Avenger, Moulinex, Xinobi, Pink Skull, and We Are Terrorists!

Here's a few direct links, with more to come. Visit Buffetlibre for more retro 80's cover magic! THE POWER IS YOURS! (or was that 90's? hmmmm...) THUNDERCATS! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Mp3: Anoraak - Talking In Your Sleep (The Romantics Cover) ["A little, yes, as many songs from that time i guess (this song was released in 1983). "Talking in your sleep" is a perfect compromise, as it's an amazing pop song, really representing the things i like, and it's just part of my musical kid background."]

Mp3: Moulinex - Come On Closer (Pineapples Cover) ["It's one of the best italo songs ever. Roberto Ferrante recorded this when he was 18 with a really minimum studio (only a synthesizer and a drum machine, all played by hand without a sequencer!).. For vocals he hired a soldier (!) from the NATO base in Napoli..."]

Mp3: RAC feat Karl King - Take On Me (A-Ha Cover) ["I chose this song because it is by far the catchiest song of the 80's. I also chose it because it's a much faster tempo that I'm used to working with, so in a way it's new challenge."]


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