Jul 7, 2008

Digikid84 Mini-Mix

"Optimus Rhymes" by Corey Lewis

The last time I posted about these guys was about a really schweet mashup against Daft Punk by Neon Coyote. The kool kids from koalaland landed a sweet exclusive mini-mix from the french duo. Tracklist bitches:
01 Overthrill - Burn Rubber on Me (Gap Band Cover)
02 Per Qx feat Waren Morris - Everything Counts (Depeche Mode remix )
03 Madonna - Into the Groove (Sidechain Remix)
04 George Benson - Turn your Luv Around (Database Remix)
05 Roger Troutman - Do It (Xinobi Remix)
06 Nwa - Fuck the Police (Trash Yourself Remix)
07 DJ Gero - French Poyz
Remember to visit their myspace and know that they have an EP dropping on July 14th. We'll probably be able to get a track or two for posting.

Mp3: Digikid84 - TrashbagsKids84 Mini Mix


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