Aug 30, 2008

Potty Mouth - Mightyfools

Have you heard of Mightyfools? Have you heard the Dutch duo of Andy Samin and Jelle Keizer that took ’90s rave influences and flipped them with jacked up beats, bleeps and basslines? Mightfools brings a resonate boom to the Potty Mouth Music roster. Using choppy tangles of sound, the duo embraces a forward house sound that keeps audiences guessing right up the next breakdown.

Both Samin and Keizer share a common interest in crossing musical genres. The two even share that philosophy between each other. Where Samin leans toward acoustic sounds, he began work as a producer and DJ'ing straight up house music... Keizer opted toward happy hardcore, bought his first set of decks at the young age of 14 and was producing techno within the next year. As Keizer’s catalogue of techno tracks grew over the next few years, Samin began to take notice. Even after their first meeting, the two instantly connected, melding their influences of house and techno into one twisty sound that set floors off.

Since then, Mightyfools have been artistically inseparable, producing and performing across their native Netherlands and beyond. As Keizer says of their newest label affiliation:

“Potty Mouth brings the sound we make and play—the new house generation style, the future. We add our own chopped and jacked up style to everything we get our hands on.”
As for their name? Keizer says it comes from their ability to work over crowds one party at a time. The mighty fools are Mighty on the decks and Fools for the music.

Their first EP from Potty Mouth is entitled “Who Da Fool”, and includes a remix by fellow Potty Mouth-ers Electric Soulside. I've got lower quality clips for you posted below, but be sure to get the whole thing over at Beatport.

[mightyfools myspace]
[get the album at beatport]
[potty mouth music]

Mp3: Mightyfools - Hey Babe (128 kbs clip)
Mp3: Mightyfools - Hey Babe (Electric Slide Remix) (128 kbs clip)
Mp3: Mightyfools - We Want (128 kbs clip)


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