Aug 29, 2008

DANGER + Spitzer + Bearries

I was holding off on posting this until I got a flyer for this absolutely sure-to-rock-your-socks-off-event. And now that it's arrived, I can assist in announcing that Danger is coming! Danger... is coming to Chicago! WTF? I know.. it blew my mind as well.

A few recent Danger tracks should help you get in the mood. Firstly something new in his 'time of day' series. Then a remix he did for SymbolOne's Love Juice. That track has seen some heavy traffic being remixed already by the likes of Moulinex and Loose Shus, Passions and now Danger.

Mp3: SymbolOne - Love Juice (Danger TV Remix)
Mp3: Danger - 00h00

And also performing that night, are local Chitowners, Bearries. They've sent over a few tracks, and I wanted to post my personal favorite. They definitely venture in a different direction than most of the other electro I post. So dont castrate me for the tracks not being 'floor bangers' or 'killers'... they're good solid electronica.

Mp3: Bearries - Possibly


And finally, in related Bearries business... Teddy (who is one third of the Bearries Trio) was able to send a few of his own productions my way. He's stopped DJ'ing for the time being, to focus more on the production side both with Bearries and his solo tag, Drop Ted. Expect more from this guy in particular as he works on refining his own unique sound.

Mp3: Drop Ted - Universal Monster
Mp3: Drop Ted - One Minute to DOOMSDAY


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