Aug 23, 2008

TheHype.FM + Designer Drugs

Let me see if I can retrace my steps. I was perusing the blogosphere as usual, looking for god knows what (gingerbread recipes and historical records for India gold medals in the Olympics).

Ahh I remember now, I was looking for new Designer Drugs tracks on elbows, when Jacuzzi Killers caught my eye with a most unbashful title "TheHype.FM Launches Today!!"... and I'm thinking, righto righto, click. Turns out this fledgling site is a radio festivus for the restuvus. Lava-esque tracks are played continuously 24 hours a day via email requests and preprogrammed sets. Blogging giants such as Discodust, Electrorash, and Chicago's own Red Threat all contribute to the site's musical prowess. Like I said it's brand new so there are both kinks and hope that it will get better. [link]


And back to my trek for Designer Drugs, a set of remixes. One new, one from the previos aforementioned playlist, and one ace track that I haven't stopped listening to for months (and yes, that is Designer Drugs remixing a track named Designer Drugs... just kinda fits).

Mp3: Mission Control - Innerspace (Designer Drugs Remix)

Mp3: Messinian - Throw It Away (Designer Drugs Remix)

Mp3: Fake Shark-Real Zombie! - Designer Drugs (Designer Drugs Remix)


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