Aug 1, 2008

Warm Chocolaty Cookies... MMMmmmmmm


I have no idea where I got this, or how old it is, or what it's entirely made up of. But this mini-mix from the ungodly dancefloor killers, Chewy Chocolate Cookies, will likely be the resolute of several broken bones and bruises, not out of rage, but out of dancefloor bliss.

Mp3: Chewy Chocolate Cookies - CCC Minimix
01 Santogold - Creator (CCC Remix)
02 Busy P - Pedrophilia (CCC Remix)
03 Danger - 14h54 (CCC Remix)
04 Boys Noize - Shine Shine (CCC Remix)
That's the tracklist I've been able to muster so far, lemme know if you figure more out!


2 bitches:

Anonymous said...

YEEEEHA 4321 cooooooookies- this is ace !

Wtf @ tornado is all ok? now?

dasMetzger said...

oh em geez yea! cookies!!

we had huge ass storms on monday with sirens going off. there are still a bunch without power. all should be good for soquitcherbitchen... i'll be doing some more updates on the network to make sure... but all else is fine.

how's weee britain these days?