Sep 10, 2008

All You Need is GLOVE(S)

GLOVES is yet another emerging artist from the small desolate island of Australia. I mean seriously, I wiki'd and found out there are only 1500 residents on the island... and every one of them seems to be a master in the art of electro. All for the better I guess.

GLOVES just signed with Bang Gang 12"s (home of Bag Raiders and KIM among others), and will be releasing his first 12" in December. But until then, he's been providing us bloggers with plenty of reasons to stay interested. Remixes for The Death Set and Van She are great to start off with, but promises of more from Cut Copy and Sneaky Sound System mean we're sure to see more of this character soon.

Alternative content

Mp3: Van She - Changes (GLOVES Remix) (320 kbs)

Alternative content

Mp3: The Death Set - Listen to This Collision (GLOVES Remix) (320 kbs)


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