Sep 9, 2008

The General Idea


My good friend Elijah wrapped up his debut album a month or so ago... and I've been putting this post off for long enough. Elijah's first full length EP entitled The General Idea, gives you 14 new and old tracks that range from multiple corners of electronica.

Probably my favorite track, "Cute Lemonade", is a mad plethora of percussion that makes you question whether or not you're listening to the Chemical Brothers circa Loops of Fury EP. Then he gets into a bit more techno and experimental with tracks like "Apples & Stars", with excellently modded noise sweeps that keeps his excellent staple of a groove moving. Lastly, "Task" is something new that showcases his guitar glitching skills.

He's been so generous to give this worthless piece of crap out for free (i think Radiohead and NIN might've stolen his idea).

[elijah myspace]

[download the general idea] (.zip)

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Mp3: Elijah - Cute Lemonade

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Mp3: Elijah - Apples & Stars

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Mp3: Elijah - Task


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