Sep 2, 2008

Exit Inbox Stage Right

My inbox has been clogged recently with a lot of new ish... and who am I to deny these new artists the chance to be seen and heard? Well technically, I AM that guy, since I run this site... but I appreciate hard work when I see and hear it, and these all have it. So give them a listen and visit their respective spaces for more. Also, if you buy something of theirs, they'll likely be able to make more ace tunes and you'll be able to say "I liked them before they were big" (we all know how we love to be able to say that).

all courtesy of *betenoir*

First up is the latest arrival in the ole' gmail account... Housse de Racket, a pair of Paris kids who grew up listening to Daft Punk and Serge Gainsbourg, have finished their first album Forty Love (guessing a tennis reference). It's being released on Kuskus Records on October 13, and here is their first single "Oh Yeah!" as well as a pair of remixes. All three are pretty catchy, but the original reminds me of a happy french mix Arctic Monkeys and Air.

Mp3: Housse de Racket - Oh Yeah!
Mp3: Housse de Racket - Oh Yeah! (Tepr Remix)
Mp3: Housse de Racket - Oh Yeah! (25 Hours a Day Remix)

Also from Kuskus Records, and have been smoldering in my inbox for a good part of the summer, are You! and Vivek Shraya. These crews have been headlining French parties, and I can only imagine what those might entail. I guess you can throw these in the bin labeled electropop or newish happy rave. Not floor bangers, but good in their own right. Here are two tracks from the group they sent over.

Mp3: You! - Ouohoho (Bublebeez Remix)
Mp3: Vivek Shraya - If We're Not Talking

Next up is a local Chitown underground hip hop artist JDP. He recently finished working with a crew you all should know by now, Starters DJ's, on a remix of his lead single "Styrofoam Cups". Let it speak for itself... and listen.

Alternative content

Mp3: JDP - Trip In My Cup (Starters Remix) /bitchen highly recommended

Shinichi Osawa is a name you all should be familiar with, and The Chemical Brothers' "Star Guitar" should already have well over 100x plays on your account (ok fine, you can combine both the original and Shinichi's cover if you have to). Alavi reroX'd the ish of this. Well... kinda. It just takes a while to get back to the familiar tune we're all familiar with.

Mp3: Shinichi Osawa - Star Guitar (Alavi ReroX)

New release from Venga Digital comes Spangled Ballet. Kinda caught me off guard cos it was the label that sent me the clips (and normally I dont listen to clips), so they sat in the inbox for a few weeks. And now I wish I had the full 320 kbs versions cos these are fidgety housey goodness. Also a Stupid Fresh remix as well. I warned you they're short, so get the full set over at Beatport. Dont be cheap.

Mp3: Spangled Ballet - Destruction Friday (128 kbs clip)
Mp3: Spangled Ballet - Destruction Friday (Stupid Fresh Remix) (128 kbs clip)

And finally, a mixtape for ya's. HiFi sent his Wobbly Live Mix [zshare]
01 Smash TV - Yellow Asteroids (Star-like Mix)
02 Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Bob Sinclair Remix)
03 Foamo - Everything Cool
04 Obie Trice - Got Some Teeth (Switch Vocal Mix)
05 Crookers - Atomic Baile Boy
06 Bloody Beetroots - Storm
07 Little Boots - Stuck On Repeat (Fake Blood Remix)
08 Clark Able - Back in the Bronx
09 Break It Down (Herves Spitfire Remix)
10 Stupid Fresh - Get the Fuck Up
11 Phra & Bot - Flip to This
12 Proxy - Dance in the Dark (Hostage's Hard Dub
13 Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Crookers Remix)
14 Uranushake(Ultraphonic mash-up tool)
15 Prince - Erotic City (Computer Club Reflip)
16 Kazyo - Make Yea


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