Sep 15, 2008

Potty Mouth - Santiago & Bushido vs DJ Fame

Once again, soquitcherbitchen is proud to bring you all the latest Potty Mouth release, this time featuring Chicago's very own and accomplished, Santiago & Bushido. The duo is a filthy addition the Potty Mouth Music roster as they encompass influences from the hard hitting to the deep and soulful.


Since teaming up in 2001, Chris Santiago and Tim Bushido have elevated the art of electronic jack with their blend of big basslines and vocals. At the core of their sound lays the forward thinking, funk-tech that has given them critical moxie in Chicago and beyond. As products of the mid ’90s rave scene, the DJ/producers grew up immersed in a community that would soon become their professional careers.

Bushido started dj’ing at an early age, experimenting with hip hop and slowly moved into house production. Santiago meanwhile was working his way up the Chicago nightlife hierarchy, securing residencies in many of the city’s premiere and renowned events. As producers, Santiago & Bushido draw influences from their straight house background and apply harder and heavier elements to the sound.

“We get really deep into the tracks we’re producing, flip them and cut them in so many different ways, all to get the heaviest groove possible.”

“One thing about us is we’re not afraid to do a deep track or a totally hardcore track…as long as it works on the dance floor and is pushing the sound forward, it works for us.”

The Chicago duo is complimented by DJ Fame’s intense cuts, crazy loops and live turntablism. Fame has been setting dancefloors in motion for over 12 years now, where his seemingly electric energy on the decks match the tone of his original tracks. Nothing is off limits for Fame, who takes electro, jacking, techy and funky influences across North America and Europe.
“I consider my tracks to have a jackin, electro bump to them … always with a taste of funkiness to keep the heads boppin. I write specifically with the dance floor in mind”


S&B and Fame are both featured on the latest Potty Mouth EP entitled For the People, which is a fitting title for a set of dancefloor-aware producers. You'll find both the title track and a remix by the UK's HiJack. Below you can check out a few lower quality samples, and since I know you’ll be dying to get the full HQ versions… I can tell you that you need to get them exclusively at Beatport.

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Alternative content

Mp3: Santiago & Bushido vs DJ Fame - For The People (128 kbs clip)

Alternative content

Mp3: Santiago & Bushido vs DJ Fame - For The People (HiJack Remix) (128 kbs clip)


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