Sep 15, 2008

Crookers + Dskotek


By now I'm sure most of you have heard the Paper Planes remix done by Dskotek (just a few posts below this), and is arguably and critically the best remix released thus far (at least in my critical opinion, if that matters). A brief stay at his myspace page, and you'll have heard another bangin' west coast remix, this time of "Chippin'" by Italo Disco duo Crookers. He'll be busy playing live sets all over the west coast this fall, so hopefully he'll keep up enough free time to bust out a few more fire-starters.

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Mp3: Crookers - Chippin' (Dskotek Remix)

Edit: Congrats Dskotek... you have the #1 song on Hype Machine!! Way to go mate!!!


2 bitches:

Anonymous said...

these little mexican bastards fucked up a good crookers song

dasMetzger said...

mmm... nothing better than being a racist prick and hiding behind anonymous.