Oct 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!

It's soquitcherbitchen's very first birthday! I've grown quite fond of this little endeavor I created only a year ago, and hope that you've all enjoyed the journey with me. So just a quick thanks to all that have seen this blog thru its humble beginning. And I promise to further improve so that soquitcherbitchen can continue to serve Chitown with the most killingest bangin' electro for a long time to come.

One year ago today, Fujiya & Miyagi graced my pages with their ace single "Collarbone". At that time, I was so green that I could only post songs that had a video on last.fm or youtube (i didn't even know about zshare yet!). Here is that first ever post:

I heard this on CTR last week, and couldn't remember the name of the band until I stumbled upon the unique band name on Last.fm. "Collarbone" is off of Fujiya & Miyagi's latest studio album titled Transparent Things. Enjoy the song and music video.

I love the video in its childish coloring drawing style. Although a little disturbing near the end when the army shoots all the animals (in proper body-part order no less). I see videos like this, and it makes me wish my skills in Flash were better. That'll be next on my agenda of programs to become efficient in.


2 bitches:

Anonymous said...

happy bday bitchen!

dasMetzger said...

haha thanks kyle... how was the herc show last night?