Oct 16, 2008

Yelle + Bearries


Well... not really new, but new to the event wall. If you didn't know yet, Yelle is on her way to Chicago next week. I'm on the fence about this, because while I love her music and music videos... I just cant get myself pumped about this in the same way I would about Justice, MSTRKRFT, Digitalism, or even local favs like Hey Champ, Black Holes, or Kid Color. Meh, it'll probably come down to a shitty work schedule like usual, and I wont even have to worry about committing or not.

And speaking of local acts, I can't fail to mention that Bearries is one of the opening acts for Yelle. I've recieved flak from certain individuals before (my roommate) about how their music isn't dancefloor friendly. Well they (he) was unable to eat his words as he failed to attend the Danger show back last month at Abbey Pub. Bearries made sure the modest crowd was well ready for the heavy and intimidating beats of the flying Frenchman.

They just sent me this track to post, which wraps up just under 2 hours in length (haha jk, its only 9 minutes). Also is another new remix of my most favorite Yelle track, this time spun via Italy house mixers Cool Kids Cant Die (not to be confused with Chitown's own Cool Kids).

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Mp3: Yelle - Ce Jeu (Cool Kids Cant' Die Remix)

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Mp3: Bearries - Explorer One


2 bitches:

Hawk∑ye said...

Thanks for the intro to Bearries...I say you get down off that therrr fence, dust off your neon duds and get after some Yelle. Work, schmerk...Her schitz be popinov, yup.

dasMetzger said...

no problem mein freund, they're a 3some that do EVERYTHING themselves. good group of kids from the times we've talked.

oh and the fence is getting more wobbly every day