Oct 1, 2008

Sexy Neon Disco-Buddy


There aren't many emails I look forward to more than the ones sent by Mr Luis Flores from Disco Villains. The duo from Arizona have typically out-done themselves week in and week out. And this week they tag teamed a Buddy Akai track, which if I could be completely honest, isn't my favorite. The production is still top shelf which we've come to expect from DV, but this time around it was mainly the vocals which seemed distant and artificial to the track. I'll let you judge for yourself. But in case your opinion follows mine, I've also added their remix from Noise Beat Propaganda, you cant go wrong with flexing basslines and cowbell amiright?

Alternative content

Mp3: Buddy Akai - Your Circle (Disco Villains Remix)

Alternative content

Mp3: Noise Beat Propaganda - Sexy Neon Circle (DV's Re-Make)


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