Oct 22, 2008


GRUM might be the most blogged about artist in the last couple weeks, much in thanks to a remix contest for his newest single "Woah" (btw i just noticed that it's not spelled the same as A-Trak's "Say Whoa"... weird). I featured one such remix a little over a week ago from FutureFlashs, and today bring you another couple submissions from Clockwork and DJ Lapse.


Henry Steinway aka Clockwork from LA has been featured here before on soquitcherbitchen. He doesn't have the largest catalogue of music as of yet, but has kept himself busy remixing a wide range of artists from Cut Copy and New Order, to No Doubt, Kanye, and now the GRUM remix. This is by far his best work with some decent breaks. He'll continue to improve as he finds his own groove and sound.

Mp3: GRUM - Woah (Clockwork Remix)


i didn't know they made amstel light in a can

Featured already by a handful of blogs, but crucial in my segway is DJ Lapse. He threw this at me not too long ago, and just hadn't ever gotten around to it. Shame on me as not only is this track a top runner for the GRUM contest, but is evidence of a producer with a passion for electro. Terrance Pearce is from the Mother City (Cape Town, South Africa) and has been DJ'ing for a solid 8 years running now, but has recently cemented himself into production. He's inspired by the local scene which includes anything from funk, soul, house, electro, and most notably Kwaito, the native South African dance music. It sounds like I will most definitely be enjoying my time down there in 2010 when I go to watch the World Cup.

Mp3: GRUM - Woah (Lapse Dub Re-Edit)

Mp3: Lapse - Waxploitation


Which seamlessly connects me to my next two tracks. Also hailing from South Africa, which actually has a very deep fanbase for electronic music, is DJ Mujava. I was pointed to this track by Lapse as a prime example of Kwaito. The track itself reminds me of a mix between Booka Shade and SMD. Kwaito is the native South African electronic music genre that's is based on house music but featuring a typically slower tempo, sweeping deep basslines, and often shouting lyrics (as opposed to rapping). "Township Funk" has simply exploded and many of the biggest producers started playing it in their sets (i'm talking huge in the likes of Erol Alkan, Sinden, Modeselektor, Crookers, Bloody Beetroots, etc).

Mp3: DJ Mujava - Township Funk

Mp3: DJ Mujava - Township Funk (DJ Rob 3 Remix)


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