Oct 27, 2008

Mailbox Mundays

Working 10 hour days (and getting paid for 8 of them) recently has been a burden on posting music. I apologize to those that sent me songs that got no reply, I will be better in the future. Here's a collection of songs that are too good to stay cooped up in the inbox.

artwork courtesy of jet-pac

Sneaky Sound System - When We Were Young (GLOVES Remix) | download [yea, the track has been up on a hundred blogs in the last 4 days. eat me bitches (yea, early 90's diss in yo face)]

Mp3: The Cool Kids - A Party (For Everyone (Get Involved (Logarhythmix))) | download [i've yet to get a notice from the RIAA... but i'm sure that will change now. Beverly Hills Cop vs The Cool Kids]

Mp3: Sidechains vs Ultranate - Endless Summer vs Free | download [one of a group of 3 stellar tracks sent over off the 2nd Buffetlibre Remix Project, set to release in January. This term covers the 70's, 80's (again), and some 90's]


Mp3: Michael Jackson - Beat It (Mr Vega Remix) | download [another nice piece of glitched out electro from our friend Mr Vega... this time featuring the King of Pop. Only immediate critique is the vocals getting muddled a bit]

Mp3: Pallers - Humdrum | download [what sounds like a new Cut Copy single is actually Swedish electronica duo Pallers. The formula works--airy vocals, astral sweeps, and emotional basslines]

Mp3: Disco Villains - Cali Luv | download [i might actually be posting a DV song before hot bizzies... the worlds new favorite deejays hit the studio for some original production work. still only demo quality, but once it hits the hypem popular lists they'll have to master it (right guys?)]


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