Dec 17, 2008

bestuvoate: Busy P + Crookers


Sorting thru the many Crookers releases this year left me at a crossroads with two Frenchmen. I could either go with their Don Rimini mix (which was a bit too similar to the original), or their Busy P remix, as featured below, to be the #15 remix of the year. I'm more than content with the results (and dont worry Don Rimini fans, this wont be the last you'll hear of him) XD

Busy P - To Protect and Entertain (Crookers Remix) | download

I'm giving more of a nod to Crookers and Murs on the success of this particular remix for two reasons:
1. Murs' vocals are ace to work with
2. the Crookers' overhaul of the character and beat of the track are also... ace
The Italian duo converted a song that originally tried to be gangsta rap (which came off as nothing but slow French electro, but still good in it's own right), into an up-tempo rap-electro masterpiece. We saw earlier in this list what can happen when a great remixer gets his hands on some decently laid lyrics [yuksek], and Crookers confirmed that trend with this addictive and bouncy rendition.

Bonus shout out for being on the roster for Chicago's own Potty Mouth Records!!!


2 bitches:

Gary Gee said...

gorgeous rmx... i lurrve it!! :D

dasMetzger said...

the don rimini remix was actually already typed up and ready to post when i thought better to use the busy p remix instead. both were 1a and 1b in terms of bangerability.