Dec 18, 2008

bestuvoate: Walter Meego + Van She Tech


The Walter Meego single "Forever" would've been on the list as a standout if not for my own rules of only including remixes. But thankfully the Chicago natives had their unique Air/meets Daft Punk/meets Radiohead-esque sound remixed by one of the worlds best, Van She Technologic.

Walter Meego - Forever (Van She Tech Remix) | download

Van She Tech if you're not aware, are the remix side of their band Van She (kind of like how Soulwax uses different names for their band depending on what they're doing). Regardless, VST (haha, industry) were one of the biggest remixers of 2007, and had quite the reputation leading into 2008. Unfortunately for us fans and bloggers, Van She's debut album and subsequent touring halted much of the [higher end] remixing. Nothing that was comparable to their Klaxons or NYPC remixes of '07. Then came the high end arpeggios and latent synthwork over low end vocals culminating into a lethal buildup of 80's inspired electro. Yea... "I can make you excited" never had a better metaphor than that.


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