Dec 12, 2008

bestuvoate: Digitalsim + Chewy Chocolate Cookies


Few other remixers had such a lack of an image to uphold throughout the year than Chewy Chocolate Cookies. You wont find their picture on myspace, google images gives you album covers, and flickr makes me hungry. I still have no idea who these persons are in real life... and have yet to see an actual photo of any of them playing live or anything. Hell, just something that proves that they aren't truly a bunch of cookies warmed by the heat of nuclear radiation that in turn mutated themselves into remixing masters. Hey, it could be true.

Digitalism - Idealistic (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix) | download

CCC had a HUGE collection of releases this year, but my favorite was actually off one of the biggest releases of last year. "Idealistic" as an original production has grown to legendary proportions that outside a few remixers like A-Trak, has stood prominantly untouched and for good reason... it's that good. Well the remix the Cookies threw at us doesn't sound like something old and familiar off of an almost two year old single. CCC is known for frantic and heavy original remixes, they dont fit the mold of a certain niche genre like Danger or Moulinex, and dont have that distinct geographical sound like a Justice. Their neutral sound coming out of London has created a worldwide following and massive amount of sex appeal in the blogosphere (not bad for a group with no face).

How will 2009 stack up for CCC? Will we ever meet the real people behind the tray? Who knows... I'm enjoying the music.


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