Dec 19, 2008

bestuvoate: M.I.A. + Cold Blank


Most of us that read the daily blogosphere heard "Paper Planes" more than a year ago, but in case you were hiding under a rock for most of 07-08, the Pineapple Express trailer ensured the rest of the populous had heard M.I.A's ace introduction as well. And with popularity comes remixes, and holy hell did Cold Blank pwn the shit out of this one.

M.I.A. - Paper Planes (Cold Blank Remix) | download

Cold Blank if you are not aware, are actually made up of two already successful DJ/producers: Mr Gaspar and Big Na$ty. Both are in the same Los Angeles electro scene as previously reviewed Dskotek, are together on the suitably named label Burn The Fire, and regularly host the event of most epic proportions, Smash Disco. Mr Gaspar even contributes to another Chicago blog Hot Biscuits, which in turn is bring Black Holes (another contributor) to the west coast for their first appearance in LA. Pretty exciting stuff right?

Back to the song, it was either this or the Dskotek remix that would've gotten the nod for best Paper Planes remix of the year (Starters here in Chicago will get honorable mention). The track is an over 5 minute continuance of dancefloor mayhem. After the initial buildup with wicked low end synth work, it takes the echoed vocals and pairs it with 90's rave style high ends. It's a refreshing take on a track that has seen waaay too many versions of 4-on-the-floor drums and 0-creativity.


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