Dec 25, 2008

bestuvoate: Cryptonites + Kill The Noise


Cryptonites should be a common name for most blog house readers, as their sound encompasses the internet revolution we've witnessed over the last several years. Heavy hitting kicks, sidechained basslines, over compressed synths (but not the French kind), and a steady uptempo dance beat (like around 130/135 bpm) is the type of electro that presonifies a large portion of the emerging artists this year.

Cryptonites - Can't Give You Up (Kill The Noise Remix) | download

All in that category, you can put Cryptonites, Designer Drugs, Fantastadon, GRUM, Fake Blood, Hot Pink Delorean, as well the artist behind our #7 remix, Kill The Noise. I've gone decently in depth about each of the previous remixes on the list... but I'm at a loss for words here. The native of Rochester NY just does it. A heavy hitting electro remix from one of the industry's best. Not much more to say than that, so I'll leave it there and wish you all Merry Christmas (and happy effin' new year).


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damn. merry xmas! -