Dec 26, 2008

bestuvoate: MGMT + Soulwax


You might be asking yourself... really? This guy really has the balls to post up another Soulwax remix of MGMT? This damn track has been on hypem's popular charts for months since it surfaced in September. So why even bother posting it? Cos it's an effin' awesome remix and this list is all about the best of the best. So sit down and shut up you big bald f*ck!

MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Remix) | download

No more needs to be said about MGMT (other than the rumor I heard earlier about collab-ing with The Chemical Brothers turned out to be bogus). But plenty could be said about Soulwax. You all saw their documentary Part of the Weekend Never Dies right? If not, then stop reading this and go watch it. Come back when you're schooled.

The brothers Dewaele from Belgium have been making music for well over a decade under different names, but arguably their most influential and popular works have come under the title Soulwax. They have done official and unofficial Radio Soulwax releases under the guise 2 Many DJ's. They host Nite Versions events that bring with them many of the biggest names in the business. Yea... the dudes know wtf they're doing. Respek.


2 bitches:

AKIRA said...

is there a search function on your blog? it would be nice because you have so much good content on here

dasMetzger said...

i have been meaning to get one of those widgets incorporated in my blog. i have the artist cloud on the RB that basically includes every post i've done, but a search feature is mosdef a good idea.

i'll be looking into it. glad you like it!