Dec 23, 2008

bestuvoate: Grum + Le Castle Vania


I read a quote on another blog somewhere about GRUM, "Its not about quantity, its about quality"... does that ever hold true for this Leeds, UK native. GRUM is one distortion-electro artist that is just on the verge... his own remix contest feat "Woah", a stable of top tier remixes (Revolte, Armand Van Helden, Anoraak), not to mention getting remixed by some of the best in the world leaves a fitting spot for the #9 track of the year.

GRUM - Go Back (Le Castle Vania Remix) | download

Le Castle Vania, or just Dylan to his friends in the ATL, has steadily grown this year into one of the ace-est names in electro (you have heard his new "Rave Is King" remix right?). From being heavily influenced by rock, alternative, techno, and eventually d&b in his early DJ'ing days, LCV brings a fresh and innovative sound to the burgeoning electro scene. Perhaps innovative isn't the best word, but he doesn't just toss out remix after remix to get his name on the interwebs each week like some of his peers... but he drops finely polished examples of what electro should be. So he's innovative in that respect.

You can definitely hear his hard rock influences in this remix of "Go Back", as he features just about everything that's good in electronic music today. Crunchy synths, rave style high ends, original additions with the vocoder, and staple buildups and breaks (even a bit of wood block). He did everything right in this track, that makes it easy to see why respected DJ's across the globe have featured his work as a crowd favorite.


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-JohnB said...

Fierce! Just heard the Fukkk Off remix about 10mins ago, and following the recent Smashing Pumpkins rework guarantees LCV's mark as trusted pair of remix hands!

Anonymous said...

i just farted.