Dec 24, 2008

bestuvoate: MSTRKRFT + Bloody Beetroots


Move over lightweights, its time for the big boys to play. I had the pleasure of seeing both MSTRKRT and The Bloody Beetroots twice this year (once even at the same effin' time). Both have such incredible stage presence, and play with the kind of tenacity that gets the entire crowd literally bouncing in unison.

MSTRKRFT - Bounce (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) | download

Put that segue in yer pipe and smoke it! MSTRKRFT, who've had their remixing shoes on for over two years now, saw their first original production since 2006 (Bounce feat N.O.R.E) in some very impressive remixing company that included A-Trak, Felix Cartal, and our #8 remixer of the year, The Bloody Beetroots.

The Italian DJ/producing duo have had a huge year themselves, and their building reputation from pwning the ish out of dance floor patrons has caused a huge buzz in each of their consecutive releases. Their remix of Bounce featured their staple bass and compression-heavy sound, buzzing synths, and a bit of glitch in the vocal work. All in all its another very dance floor friendly addition to the Beetroots' catalogue... all they do is party.


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Anonymous said...

anyone have the 90's remix the bloody beetroots did?


Thanks for this. Good to hear a proper banger once again!

Nice blog.

If you wanna check out mine, it's found here -


dasMetzger said...

what an effin' joy to see them all live this year. who in '09 will be able to replace their performances.

great blog to you as well mate!

Anonymous said...

beetroots r overrated crap, lay off the drugz n booze and get some better music fukheadz

Anonymous said...

To the wanker that said the beetroots are crap,at least they,ve done some thing awsome wtih there time,what music have you made?Nothing so go do something with your life instead of baggin on others talents you useless prick