Dec 14, 2008

bestuvoate: Ghostface Killah + Yuksek


Back in May, my birthday happened. But possibly more important, the Kid Color Carded & Discarded mixtape was released. This mixtape was listened to in it's entirety for much too many times than I care to admit. Kyle's seamless transitions from one track to the next were creatively hidden in overlayed hip hop accapellas and other rap-electro hybrid blends like our #18 remix of the year. Without a keen ear, you couldn't even distinguish one track from another.

Ghostface Killah - Charlie Brown (Yuksek Remix) | download

Yuksek is a man that needs no formal introduction, as his library of material easily dates back to when most of us could only dream of finding a friend to buy us alcohol. Since early in the 2000's the French native has provided a unique blend of electro that consistently set himself one foot ahead of his peers. This year he proved that the many prior attempts at hip-hop/electro mashups could be done with the right tempo pounding kicks, teched up filters over creatively arranged accapellas, and introducing a sick and filthy bassline.


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