Dec 15, 2008

bestuvoate: DIOYY? + Culture Prophet


Culture Prophet first broke out on the blogosphere in late 2007 with a few high profile remixes of Danger and Digitalism (what better way to get your mug on the map than that amiright?). Then after adding Chicago's own Dag Joe in 2008, their hardcore electro-thrashing sound found it's groove and took-off with a respectable stable of original productions and remixes that became fan favorites world-wide.

Does It Offend You, Yeah? - We Are Rockstars (Culture Prophet Remix) | download

The highlight of the year for CP had to have been their European tour across 6 countries in two weeks earlier in June. Bringing their live act of electro/percussive/synth/dj'ing to the masses that embraced them in the electro-loving internet community was rewarding to all parties. My personal favorite from them this year was an unofficial remix by their electro-thrash-nu-rave brethren from the UK, Does It Offend You, Yeah? The already aggressive track "We Are Rockstars" gets even dirtier and lethal when CP take their spin at it. Throw in some Asian influenced synths and penetrating new bassline blended with sweet sweet breaks and you have yourself a dancefloor riot. It's common knowledge that hospitals around the world are singing praises at the medical bills caused by this track.


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