Jan 6, 2009

Keenhouse - Arctic Beach

Artwork by The Zonders

Got a real pleasant email from the kids over at Binary recently, and they wanted to bring to the worlds attention a new mixtape from one of their residents, Keenhouse. I covered Keenhouse earlier this year and am more than pleased to see this mix bring a change of pace to the kind of monotonous 'electro mixtape' genre. It's a soothing piece with sweeping cosmic/astral synths, the kind of feel-goodery that we sometimes need in this dark gray winter we're living in.

Did I mention it's aptly named Arctic Beach? I guess even those living in LA feel the winter's gloom in some respect.

Keenhouse - Arctic Beach Mixtape [48:00m]
01 Keenhouse - Intro
02 Nightwaves - Super Human
03 p e a c e FIRE - Sapphire
04 Tangerine Dream - Hyperborea
05 College - The Scarlett Empress (Stephen Falken Remix)
06 WORSHIP - Lights (The Dome Part III)
07 Richard Wahnfried - Druck
08 CiM - Hypnotic (DaroC 9. RNA)
10 Fare Soldi - Dolo Boys
11 Weather Report - Milky Way
12 Keenhouse - The Rendezvous
13 Anoraak - Endless Summer
14 Pelifics - Forever
15 Quiet Village - Utopia
16 Keenhouse - Outro

Also have a new video of a live Keenhouse performance at the Dragonfly (LA?). Dope.

Keenhouse - Deep in the Forest (Live @ The Dragonfly) from Binary Entertainment on Vimeo.


Saw this posted on Trash Menagerie and have been slightly addicted to it since.

Keenhouse - Deep In The Forest (Discoballistic Remix) | download


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Dazzler said...

hey apperntly the URL of Discoballistic’s myspace has changed!!! http://www.myspace.com/dancehammerdiscoballistic and KEENHOUSE ROCKS!!

dasMetzger said...

fixed :-)