Jan 6, 2009

Potty Mouth + Electric Soulside


Potty Mouth has another new ish on the horizon, and their 18th EP is led by Belgian breakbeat battery Electric Soulside, and a filthy remix by Kelevra. Brothers Patrick and Steve Hoody are no strangers to the glitch and fidget house community, as they've released albums in Europe and Canada over the last 3 years. Now Potty Mouth get's their turn here in the states.

Wont you enjoy their twisting electro glitchiness with me?

All samples are 128 kbs

01 Insane Inside (Original Mix)
02 Insane Inside (Kelevra Remix)
03 Boccaccio (Original Mix) /bitchen highly recommended

Check Beatport on 1/07/09 for the EP's exclusive release in full 320 kbs glory [beatport]


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