Jan 30, 2009

Coach-meh-lla lineup announced...

Nothing too awe inspiring here. The 2009 linup for Coachella, the ever-growing music and arts festival in the California desert, was announced today. Analog Giant probably hit it on the head with his opinion of the '09 lineup. Here's the quote of the week in that regard:

"...sorry my mom isn't going to make it to the three day festival so you can take Sir Paul off. Not sure if the forty something black eyed make-up crowd is picking up these things either and well...The Killers just make bad music."
I think I'll just wait and save both my vacation time and plane fare for better days... and even probably see a near identical lineup at Lolla in my backyard.

[coachella '09 lineup]


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NewjacK said...

dude, check out ultra music festival in miami....march 27 and 28 i think. The lineup is sick!!!