Jan 7, 2009

Loyal Divide - Labrador EP


Psychedelica might be the new posh thing to emerge in 2009. Only reason why I say that is because of the mass amount of hype surrounding Animal Collective, and the recent 9.6 rating they got on Pitchfork (nobody has scored that high since The Arcade Fire back in 2004). And when a band creates sounds comparable post OK Computer Radiohead, Sebastian Tellier, and Explosions in the Sky sans 20 minute track lengths... you have a good thing going.

Chicago outfit Loyal Divide do just that, and they're playing a gig at Subterranean in Wicker Park to help promote their new Labrador EP. The show is Wednesday the 14th with a 9pm kickoff. They were recently featured on RCRD LBL (so you know they're good), and I'll be sharing their title track with you today.
01 Young Blades
02 Labrador
03 Lover I Can Tell You
04 Vision Vision
Help out some local flavor by buying their album [here] and seeing their show at SubT. Very much looking forward to witnessing these guys make all this noise live on stage. It will be mesmerizing to say the least.


Just wanted to throw out a few inbox tracks now that I have your attention...first a new release from Tantrum Recordings, this week featuring a new fan favorite Crimewave remix. Also something new I've been sitting on from Saint Pauli.

Crystal Castles vs Health - Crimewave (Keìth Remix) | download

Tiptronik - Crash & Burn (Saint Pauli Remix) | download


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Jan said...

I like that Keíth remix:)

dasMetzger said...

mosdef... and it's been a while since we've seen a good 'crimewave' remix

Raphael said...

veri naice