Feb 25, 2009

Crushin' dem bits


Fidget house, despite it's more than ridiculous name, is continuing its epic and steady domination of the dance floor at the watering hole near you. The New York production duo composed of DJ Fame (Potty Mouth) and Gaby Dershin (one half of Astro & Glyde) have done more than their fair share of bit crushing. As their name implies, there's a tad more minimal in these tracks, but not without the thump.

Bit Crushers - Wanna Ride (Original Mix) | download [320 kbs]

Bit Crushers - Wanna Ride (DJ Fame Remix) | download [320 kbs]

Bit Crushers - What She Said (Original Mix) | download [320 kbs]

Also, want to give a shout out to the show coming up in March featuring Chicago's own James Amato and DJ Fame, who'll be slaying part-goers at Debonair Social Club.


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bsbwavestarter21 said...

Thanks for posting. These guys are pretty sweet. Almost hypnotic even. For me, it's like that constant drumbeat is interrupted by a keyboard hosting individual keys with weird random sound effects assigned to each. The effect is pretty creative, and very addicting.