Feb 22, 2009

All Night Long...

Photo courtesy of Jalapeño

Apologies to the artists at hand, being Passion Pit and The Knocks, and the blogs that have covered this track so far... but how has nobody mentioned how the newly added guitar riffs sound straight out of 1991?

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (The Knocks Remix) | download [320 kbs]


4 bitches:

Action Lyrics said...

Nice video, and loved the mp3. Thanks!

latane said...

sounds like someone mashed up sleepyhead with jackson fives ABC.

and i love it

dasMetzger said...

i loved this track when i first heard it, but it just doesn't fit with normal electro ish that i listen to. totally addictive for completely different reasons

Anonymous said...

Love this track