Feb 12, 2009

Faded Postal Service


So zshare is now officially the worst "free" file sharing service of all time. They were never a good service because of their automated talking advertisements (not to mention the NSFW ads)... but now they're littered with pop-ups, slow loading ads, and a throttled download speed that makes it impossible to download anything with girth (and you still have the 20 second countdown). Uggh... if peeps are readings this... please try to send stuff without using zshare. It's absolute garbage.

Segue that into the latest label promo recieved in the 'old inbox. And how were the tracks shared? By trusty ole' zshare. Fun.

There's a fine line between critiquing a band for being a 'clone', and using a band for 'inspiration'. Not sure which direction these kids from Irvine, CA should go... so we'll say they took a LOT of inspiration from The Postal Service.

Faded Paper Figures is a pleasant blend of electronica, pop, with a twist of indie lyricism and quirkiness. I enjoy it since I loved Give Up so much, and was never served with a second helping. Give the tracks below a listen, and buy their debut album Dynamo (Shorthand Records) on [itunes].

Faded Paper Figures - Poloroid Solution | download [160 kbs]

Faded Paper Figures - North By North | download [160 kbs] /bitchen highly recomended

Faded Paper Figures - Logos | download [160 kbs]


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