Mar 26, 2009

Where Are The Wild Things?

This will be the best movie ever made. Whoever decided to recreate one of the best children's story books of all time should get a big hug. An entire human population should be lining up to see this movie.

BTW... props to getting a little Arcade Fire in the trailer. LOVE IT!!

Arcade Fire - Wake Up (Live Acoustic Session Version) | download [128 kbs]

PPS... for those that care... i really couldn't be more proud that THIS post is soquitcherbitchen's 300th post. I hope you all have a great weekend with those that you love and care about. We all should.


3 bitches:

timmy said...

dude this movie looks amazing!
and i fkn love your blog!!

dasMetzger said...

thanks timmy... i like the blog too ;-)

and i cant effen wait for this movie to come out. it's gonna be a pseudo-nightmare from my childhood... i mean seriously, who wasn't scared the fuck out when they were told this story at age 6.

NewjacK said...

congrats on 300!!! love the site!!