May 7, 2015

La Roux + Jack Beats [#tbt]

Starting up a new thing here... trying to stay hip with the youngster hashpound lingo (fuuuuck you kids). But each Thursday we'll be resurfacing some of our favorite tracks of the last 8 years of running this blog.

First up is an old favorite, both in original artist and remixer. Originally posted in our bestuvohnein post well over 5 years ago... i think that fits in the throwback category, at least in the blog world where two weeks is already ancient news.

I picked this track because it features La Roux, whom recently released her second studio album, of which I loved, but not as much as her debut which exploded with singles like Bulletproof, In For the Kill, Quicksand, and our title track, I'm Not Your Toy.

On the other side of the track title, Jack Beats was a favorite for much of the later aughts producing remixes in the stylish and trendy jacked house sub genre. It's a look back at how quickly things transition from one like to the next hash.

art by DevintheCool


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