May 9, 2015

Digitalism + RAC [electro pop]

I must've not been blogging at this time last year when this came out.. because there's zero chance this would've missed the site. As it features two of our favorite names in the game, Digitalism and RAC. The original version of the track is verrrrry Digitalism-esque with those bassy synths and korg-styled drum kits.

The lyrics over the original melody are fantastic, and RAC give their patented remix treatment... ie. tight percussion, bright melodies, layered and deep transitions--just the highest of quality you could ask for. I'll literally post any remix by RAC, I'm that enamored with their work.

Digitalism - Wolves (ft. Youngblood Hawke) (RAC Mix)

Digitalism - Wolves

Photo by ddotg


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