Apr 13, 2008

Digitalism is the BIGGEST party EVER!!

[when we last heard from the little-blog-that-could... we were learned on how SMD can still do the small things for their fans. In a continuing quest to show how the little-city-that-could can host some world-class bangers]


snikt! or shlukt!... either way it's better than you [art by tsutomu nihei]

When considering 2007's best electro... if Justice was an adamantium clad Wolverine, then Digitalism would be Wolvie after his bones were stripped of the impenetrable alloy. You couldn't touch Justice last year, and Digitalism was just as great, only a little more raw and unseen. Both signed on world class labels (Ed Banger and Kitsune respectively), made hugely successful debuts in 2007, and just know how to lay the beats.

devil children waiting for zie germans to begin

Digitalism came to Subterranean, a venue I had never been to, but will be putting on my short list of places to visit again due to its uniquely laid out space. It was absolutely packed, as it should've been, and the German duo played all their cards... pretty much their whole album+. They even started playing my favorite in "Echoes" but mixed in with something else about 30 seconds in. Should also note their set featured a lot more live elements than I first expected, including live vocals and drum pads.

I can't fail to mention Los Angeles locals Guns'n'Bombs who laid kickin tracks to open things, and closed his set with some slick Chromeo mixes.

i can see you!

[what else will be in store for this big city with the small town feel? Be sure to tune in for the next episode of 'Chicago is better than Brooklyn']

This is the biggest party EVER [youtube]


Digitalism "Echoes"

Digitalism "Idealistic (Culture Prophet Remix)"


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