Apr 22, 2008

Predicting a killing at Smartbar

You will probably be dead to me if you dont attend the FREE (that means it has a global monetary value of nothing) show featuring Bloody Beetroots, LA Riots, and Felix Cartal tomorrow night (evening of the 23rd pending when you read this). [link]


exhibit A

Any of those solo should be reason enough, but all three together should be a no excuse reason to suck it up and go to work (or school for some of you slackers) a little hungover the next day. This'll be their Bloody Beetroots' 3rd trip to chitown in the last 2 months... so who knows when they'll be back again, if ever!!! (if the showing is poor, i'll never forgive any of you).

Here are a few tracks they'll be likely to lay down tomorrow night (dont forget the DVNO LA Riots Remix I posted earlier this month). Check out [redthreat] as he has a few more songs in his preview as well.

Mp3: Heartsrevolution "Switchblade (LA Riots Remix)"

Mp3: Justice "The Party ft. Uffie (LA Riots Remix)"

Mp3: The Bloody Beetroots "We Are From Venice (La Serenissima)"

Mp3: The Toxic Avenger "Escape (Bloody Beetroots Remix)"

EDIT: Lets see... the show was absolutely amazing... but the crowd, not so much. While the few that were there were genuinely wanting to see LA Riots and Bloody Beetroots, poor Felix Cartal was mixing for an empty floor. Horrible promotion dept for whomever was in charge. This show should've had a line around Wrigley. Missed opportunity. Anyways, a list of notable tracks I remember.

Riot In Belgium "La Musique"
Justice "The Party ft. Uffie (LA Riots Remix)
Klaxons "Atlantis to Interzone"
Digitalism "Idealistic"
Justice "DVNO (LA Riots Remix)"
Bloody Beetroots "We Are From Venice"
MSTRKRFT "Easy Love"


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