Apr 21, 2008

Holy Juiceboxxx Batman!!

hint: i care about the may 3 show

I just read on IHEARTCOMIX in regards to yet another one of their amazing talents who's setting up a handful of tour dates, and they're coming to Chitown bitches.

"how the fuck do i get down?"
JUICEBOXXX is the rap/club/thrash producer/crowd-killer/amp-jumper that'll be playing along side with Holy Shit!, who are the happy hardcore/new wave foursome that you should try at all costs to keep away from your mom. The show's gonna own you.

holy shit batman!

And some ish to keep you satisfied... a pair of remixes that should tickle your fancy, but you gotta check out Juiceboxx or his buddy Dre Skull's myspace for the original singles, as they are insta-classics for sock rockin dance parties.

Mp3: Juiceboxxx and Dre Skull "Sweat (XXXChange Remix)"

Mp3: Juiceboxxx and Dre Skull "Center Stage (Curses! Remix)"


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