Apr 8, 2008


A friend of mine posted this on Facebook today, and when I saw it it did nothing but brighten my day. Lets be honest, we all love seeing kids like that at the clubs. They do nothing but love dance. Hope it brightens yours! soquitcherbitchen.

Yelle - ACDG (Tepr Remix)

Mp3: Yelle "A Cause Des Garcons (Tepr Remix)"


2 bitches:

Taste: The Vengeance said...

That thing about the Skrulls was totally a play on the Secret Invasion. I heard that George W. Bush, Barack Obama and John McCain are Skrulls too, which I think is ballsy writing for Marvel. I'm really glad you picked up on that! It means that my nerdy little jokes still have an audience.

Taste: The Vengeance said...

Oh, and Skrull Neil Patrick Harris didn't dance like these Europeans. He kind of had his index and middle fingers pointed forward and he just moved his arms back and forth.