May 2, 2008

GTA IV radio shock...

GTA IV Electro-Choc Radio... bitches

I just got my copy of Grand Theft Auto IV for PS3 in the mail yesterday... and how is this for an amazing first impression:

I punch a hooker in the face, steal her money, turn around and find a kick ace bmw clone stopped at a red light. Then I do what anyone else would do in that situation, open the door, punch the driver in the kidney, throw him to the ground and steal his car. Play with the radio stations a bit til I find the electro station, and "BEROOO BEROOO BEROOO deh deh DEH DIT".

That's right bitches, none other than Boys Noize "& Down" was the first track I heard in GTA4. Check out the full tracklist to the electro station below (via the totally reliable wikipedia), which should be reason enough to get this game.

Padded Cell - "Signal Failure"
Black Devil Disco Club - "The Devil in Us (Dub)"
One + One - "No Pressure (Deadmau5 Remix)"
Alex Gopher - "Brain Leech (Bugged mind remix)"
K.I.M. - "B.T.T.T.T.R.Y. (Bag Raiders Remix)"
Simian Mobile Disco - "Tits and Acid"
Nitzer Ebb - "Let Your Body Learn"
Kavinsky - "Testarossa (Sebastian Remix)"
Chris Lake vs. Deadmau5 - "I Thought Inside Out (Original Mix)"
Boys Noize - "& Down"
Justice - "Waters of Nazareth"
Killing Joke - "Turn to Red"
Playgroup - "Make it Happen"
Liquid Liquid – "Optimo"


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