May 3, 2008

Nintendo vs Sega

Mario, Zelda, Sonic... my childhood in a nutshell

Fuck yea bitches!! I'm a few days late posting this... but lets be honest, these tracks aren't going anywhere soon except for my playlist on repeat. RAC (RemixArtistCollective) have released a mini EP featuring 4 tracks of well loved and well remembered old school classics. They brought up a few great points:
"There is incredible value in what these composers did with the limited hardware and this is our way of showing appreciation.

We updated their sounds a little bit and in a way, prove that good songs transcend genres."

Check the tracks below and be sure to give RAC a well deserved visit as they're doing a lot of really cool things over there.

Mp3: Super Mario Bros (RAC Mix)

Mp3: Sonic Labyrinth Zone 5 (RAC Maury Mix)

Mp3: A Link To The Past (RAC Mix)

Mp3: Sonic Spring Yard Zone (RAC Maury Mix)


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