Jun 17, 2008

Lollapalooza Schedule Finally Released...

I mean seriously... why the hell did it take this long for the Lolla schedule to come out. The festival is less than 5 weeks away, and some people need to schedule vacation days. Looking at the band list at first glance seems pretty sweet, I mean there are a LOT of awesome acts playing across the three days. But that's the problem, it's across 3 days, and that's a lot of Chicago heat/humidity and money to be spending ($190 advance, $205 for 3-day pass) for a watered down set list. I really cant decide what day/s to go to. Not that there are so many good bands, but no one day seems really interesting.

Day 1 for some reason has Radiohead closing, when I originally had them penned in with permanent marker to close the festival out on Sunday (a la Pearl Jam 2007). Saturday you have Wilco and Rage closing, which kicks ass, and with the acts before them, might actually be the best day. Sunday looks like crap, with Kanye and Reznor closing the doors (sorry, just not the biggest fan).

But here's the problem, you only see one closing band, so you better have enough good acts throughout the day to constitute an $80 ticket. In my opinion, that only day is Saturday. As much as I'd like to see Radiohead, that would mean another vacation day (which I already dont have many left), and nothing else really catches my eye that day.

Here are your links:

Lollapalooza Day Schedules [direct link]
Create a Custom Schedule [link]
Download the PDF file [right click to save]
Get your tickets now [buy here]


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