Aug 15, 2008

Potty Mouth - Adam Bozzetto


I hope you all enjoyed my Potty Mouth preview in yesterday's post, and were able to whet your appetite with James Amato's fidget mix. That should aptly lead into my next artist I want to introduce to you, Adam Bozzetto.

Adam, once a science student at uni in Sydney, is Potty Mouth's 'resident mad scientist, thanks to his brand of crossover beats that breach the boundaries of house music'. Today, he holds three residencies at Aussie venues including Flux at Lady Lux, Wham at World Bar and FunClub at Fringe Bar (I may or may not expect you trashbags readers to know those venues).


Bozzetto's work as a full-time music tutor has assisted him from the get-go in his producing career. While running a club night in Sydney he delved into beat mastery and quickly embraced the newly re-emerging house sound. Adam says that while his music is 'forward thinking', it still retains that identifiable 'house character'.


The newly released Disco EP features two new and original productions by Adam, as well as a remix done by the UK's Scott Cooper. This is Adam Bozzetto's first release on Potty Mouth Music. I have posted some lower quality clips of those tracks below, but you can get the full album now exclusively from Beatport.

[potty mouth music]
[adam bozzetto myspace]
[buy the album on beatport]

Mp3: Adam Bozzetto - Disco (128kbs clip)
Mp3: Adam Bozzetto - I Can't Go (128kbs clip)
Mp3: Adam Bozzetto - I Can't Go (Scott Cooper Remix) (128kbs clip)


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