Sep 11, 2008

Move /bitchen

share-alike from metaphorge

I think I finally beat my bud Kyle over at hot bizzies in posting a Disco Villains track. He's been covering these guys like white on rice for a good couple months now, and with good reason... Disco Villains have been busting out the remixes and productions faster and hotter than an Arizona wildfire.

And I usually ALWAYS steer clear of top40 ish (just not usually my cuppotea)... but Disco Villains disguise it in enough electro, it might as well be a new song entirely.

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Mp3: Ludacris - Move Bitch (Disco Villains Remix) (320 kbs)

EDIT: haha... nevermind... he was still faster


2 bitches:

Anonymous said...

Try again homie :)

I get it first.

dasMetzger said...

haha... it took me too long to make the photo me thinks