Nov 26, 2008

Getcher Black Wednesday On

Its turkey week y'alls. What that means besides a tryptophan trip (which I recently found out is bogus) is Black Wednesday, Turkey Bowl Thursday, and an extended holiday weekend. Ahh that last one would only pertain to those with normal jobs. While I'll be working thru the holiday, I hope you all have a sweet ass time with your family and loved ones this holiday... travel safe... and listen to some sweet ass tunes during it all.

All photos courtesy of Pixel Fantasy

Get things started off the right way with some German electronica. Saint Pauli just sent me this today and if you look past the creepy Rammsteinian vocals, you find the familiar stadium hall epicness that is standard from Saint Pauli tracks. Also my new favorite FutureFlashs remix, this time of a Swedish act Stay Ali. The song's instrumental buildup is uber pleasant... sounding like a future disco'd-up Breakbot. But again with the awkward vocals... maybe he'll do a dub mix as well.

Deichkind - Arbeit Nervt (Saint Pauli Remix) | download

Stay Ali - Emotional Day (FutureFlashs Vocal Mix) | download


Gejius is a Portland, OR producer that thought it'd be a good idea to test his skills on the same Mariah Carey track that I posted of DD in last week's post. The nerve of that guy amiright? To send a legitimately excellent remix and thinking that I'd want to listen to it and maybe post it for others. Garbage thinking I tell you.

Gejius - Dandy Lion (I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time Mariah Carey Remix) | download

It's not every day when you get the original artist/producer of a song plugging someone else's remix. Can you really blame Alexander Technique & Van Scott in the case when it was Chewy Chocolate Cookies that did the remix? In the underground international house world, Alexander Technique probably doesn't need much intro, but in the electro blog-house community, he might. So smart move by featured artist Van Scott to get this track out and about for the world to see (and hear).

Alexander Technique - Nightlovers ft. Van Scott | download

Alexander Technique - Nightlovers ft. Van Scott (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix) | download


Do you like the artwork on this post? I love the amalgam of old school 8bit characters blended in contemporary settings (likewise with 8bit sounds in music). Segway to Mr Vega, of whom I've posted a few times before... but now he's self releasing his first EP. You can get it free from his myspace, but here's my favorite selection on top of another bonus remix he did for Passion Pit.

Mr Vega - Foun-tun | download

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Mr Vega Remix) | download

donkey kong

Finally, I wanted to give you a sneak into my next post which will feature a slew of Binary artists. Binary of course being the core of talent in the greater LA-land area. They're testing the old gold coast Aussie theorem, being a cannibalistic nature of everyone remixing each other. And the results are what you'd expect. Fire. Here's a more chill remix of a personal favorite from Keenhouse.

Keenhouse - Deep In The Forest (Alfa Remix) | download


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