Nov 26, 2008

Passively Aggressively Resistant


Straight out of die Schweiz is some of the sexiest electronica I've heard in a long ass while. The Passive Resistance's sound is dirty, vicious, and viscous all at once (that's right, viscous like molasses). Thick bass and grimy glitched synths... enjoy Sex auf der Tanzfl├Ąche.

The Passive Resistance - 9000 ft. Circumflux | download

The Passive Resistance - Concrete Children ft. Vinicius Honorio (Minimal Edit) | download

The Passive Resistance - Raid | download

The Passive Resistance - Raid


1 bitches:

The Passive Resistance said...

thanks a lot for the nice words Mr. Metzger. keep up the great posts !

gruss from mooo land :)