Dec 15, 2008

Mailbox Mundays

Photos courtesy of Lele D'Angelo

I'm sure the IFPI would enjoy this little guy... but I've got direct permission from the music manager at Muzikology himself that it's been cleared for promotional uses. Stick that one to the man! Cultural learnings aside, this new track from flying Dutchman Don Diablo can be put on the shelf next to Immuzikation and Buy Now. First rate sampling with a glitched house/electronica beat. Hmmmm... I'm wondering which sample they couldn't clear to make it non-commercial?

Don Diablo - The Truth Is No Good To Me | download

Baskerville might just look like another DJ duo in masks... but these dutch producer/remixers take things in more hip-hoppy/funky/rocky/electro-y direction. Expect a debut release in early 2009.

Baskerville - Pushing Around | download


It's fair to say the Yelle remix front has gone stagnant recently. Thankfully George Lenton is on top of things and renewed that ideology today with a new "Je Veux Te Voir" remix.

Yelle - Je Veux Te Voir (George Lenton Remix) | download

It's almost Christmas bitches... and that means not only bolstering the economy and eating honey baked ham... but listening to seasonally themed remixes and mashups. LehtMoJoe somehow pulls this one off with 50 Cent and Paul McCartney. This truly is a very Christmas to you listeners out there cos I wouldn't ever post a "In Da Club" track if it weren't the holidays. And as a bonus... something a little more my style.

LehtMoJoe - In Da Christmas Club (50 Cent vs Paul McCartney) | download

LehtMoJoe - Johnny Jazz | download


I'm really digging Van Scott and his collaborations since I first heard his work with fellow DJ's Are Not Rockstars (D.A.N.R. Music) Alexander Technique. Here's a more melodic track with steely cosmic vocals that he did with Jad Cooper (when paired up they go by Drlkt Freddie).

Drlkt Freddie - Airtight | download

And finally, I introduce to you Under Electric Light, a band from Montreal who I was indroduced to thru soundcloud with a new song and video. They've got a definite downtempo shoegaze feel to them, which is always money in my book. Definitely a good track to end a nice eventing with. For you, a Styrofoam remix and a video of their latest single.

Styrofoam - Other Side of Town (Under Electric Light Remix) | download

This Moment from under electric light on Vimeo.

BONUS: I didn't want to sit on this one for too much longer. It's RESET!'s dub version of their track GASA, and the bit reduced break at 1:26 is effin fire.

RESET! - GASA (Dub Version) | download /bitchen highly recommended


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